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>>Dear Readers,
>>	This might sound like a very stupid question.  Can one store a nylon
>>membrane after transfer of RNA for a few days before using it for hybridization?
>>I also wonder how many times can the same membrane be used for rebridization.
>OH *YES*!!!  We do it all the time...  Run the northern, blot it overnight 
>(NaPO4 transfer), cross-link it, air dry it, put into a hybridization bag 
>and wait until the probe is ready!  Once cross-linked, I've probed one 
>Northern blot up to three times.  Sometimes we've waited up to a month 
>prior to probing.
>BTW - this isn't a stupid question!
>Hope this helps,
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How do you strip your blots? I have problems with very "sticky" probes even
after stripping twice w/ boiling 0.1% SDS (membrane is Hybond-N, Amersham)?



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