help! PCR troubles..

Tue Nov 9 11:50:59 EST 1993

> I am (as yet unsuccessfully) to amplify across a 3.2 kb intron in
> human genomic DNA. I am trying formamide and glycerol additions
> (2.5% and 10%, respectively) and a hot start adding dNTPS at 70
> deg. extension time is 3 min, also tried 3 min,.  with 5 sec
> added on each successive cycle. this shouldn't be as tough
> as it's going- can anyone out there give me some hints?
> has anyone out there done a fragment this large or larger?
> thanks!
You may have already done this, but you should try a number of
different Mg, Taq, template, and primer concentrations.  If you have
some sort of positive control, you can optimize your reaction

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