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Wed Nov 10 18:29:48 EST 1993

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Cost of Taq polymerase

Netters may look into a taq polymerase made by a company (now under licence
from Roche) called Stehelin in Basel Switzerland called SuperTaq.  

I have been using this enzyme for some time now and 0.1-0.2U/ reaction is
sufficient (comp with Amplitaq at 1U) for normal PCR at a cost of about
$A1/Unit ($US0.65/Unit) hence 20c/reaction Vs $1.

In our hands this enzyme can also do things that Amplitaq cannot.  E.G
amplify using 0.5U/reaction on 2000 year old (and therefore
cruddy/degraded/ionised/oxidised/contaminated with ions etc. truly crappy
DNA) that 5U of Amplitaq refuses to do.  Hence a far better/cheaper enzyme.

Thats my 10-20c/reactions worth.

Cheers, Klaus

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Gene Targeting
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