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In Article <2bbb05$hvj at usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu> "dr277 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Barbara B Grossmann)" says:
> I am interested in any feedback regarding sequencing ds DNA that has been
> purified by the following methods: alk lysis mini prep, Qiagen column, Magip (soory)
> Magic preps.  Is there any problems with faint bands or quantitation
> problems with any of these methods when sequencing. I am from USB and
> will post a summary.Please be as specific as possible when describing
> your results. Have a good day.
> Barb Grossmann
> Mgr Tech Services
I have sequence plaine Alk Lysed (old Maniattis) mini preps with no problem.
I don't worry about quantifycation, just estimate by gel and go.  Occationally
I get a bad reaction, but it's pretty rare.  I have never seen the point in
any of the kits for ordinary 35S, Sanger sequencing with Sequenase.
.		Leonard N. Bloksberg
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