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> >Hello, netters
> >I'm looking for a paper which described downward DNA blotting using 
> >NaOH solution instead of conventional upward Sounthern blotting. I 
> >huess I have seen that paper a few months ago from Biotechniques, but 
> >I don't remember exact volume & page. It'll be appreciated if anyone 
> >let me know it. Thanks very much.
> >
> >Lee   (lees at
> >National Research Council
> >Saskatoon, SK
> >Canada S7N 0W9
> Try Chomczynski. 1992 One -hour downward alkaline capillary transfer
> for blotting of dna and rna. Anal. biochem 201:134-139
> John

If you have the cash to spare then you should investigate the "TurboBlotter"
by S&S (Schleicher and Schuell).  This basically consists of a couple of
pieces of plastic that support a reservoir above a gel/membrane/blot paper
stack.  Our lab has been using this for a few months now and noone has returned
to the traditional method - the main reason that complete transfer in 1 hour
is particularly convenient.  The folks that have to transfer high MW RNA are
also happier.
	At the moment S&S have an offer (at least in the USA) that they will
provide the device free ($10 value !!! - wow) if you buy one of the refill
packs (the offer expires at the end of December).  The cost for an 8 x 14 cm
refill pack is currently $47.  The device is, of course, completely reusable.
We bought the kits and now use the devices with our own choice of membranes
and blot blocks.

No, I don't have anything to do with S&S myself, I just buy their stuff

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