DNase 1 Hypersensitive woes

Julie Wilberding jwilber at pop.nd.edu
Wed Nov 10 18:30:53 EST 1993

OK, I know this has been posted before by another person, so I'll be brief.
 I am doing Hypersensitive analysis and my parent fragment after Bgl ll
digestion is about 1.5 Kb.  However I am also getting bands at about 6 Kb
of different intensities even in the lane containing the highest
concentration of DNase 1, in some cases it is most intense here!  It
happens in many cell lines.  My preparative gels look nice.  I AM AT THE
END OF MY ROPE!!!  Is there a wiser person than I who could help?  We are
using lysolecithin to permeabalize the cells, but this gets washed out
before addition of DNase 1.  HELP!


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