Downward DNA blotting

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>Subject: Downward DNA blotting
>Date: 10 Nov 93 03:29:04 GMT
>Hello, netters
>I'm looking for a paper which described downward DNA blotting using 
>NaOH solution instead of conventional upward Sounthern blotting. I 
>huess I have seen that paper a few months ago from Biotechniques, but 
>I don't remember exact volume & page. It'll be appreciated if anyone 
>let me know it. Thanks very much.
>Lee   (lees at
>National Research Council
>Saskatoon, SK
>Canada S7N 0W9
"A Rapid Optimized Protocol for Downward Alkaline Southern Blotting of DNA"
P.A. Koetsier, J.Schorr & W.Doerfler
BioTechniques 15(2):260-262, Aug. 1993

We're using it and it works as described. Schleicher & Schuell market a 
downward transfer device called a TurboBlotter. Untill Dec. 31, 1993 you can 
get the TurboBlotter "free" if you buy a refill (5 - Nytran 11X14 cm, $47 
US or 5 - BA-S 11X14 cm, $43 US). We've ordered a couple but they haven't 
arrived yet.
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