DNA staining in agarose gels

Eric R. Hugo eric at bcserv.WUSTL.EDU
Sat Nov 13 11:06:26 EST 1993

As a followup to the methylene blue staining discussion
just begun (and from a few months back), I have found that
a slight modification greatly reduces the background
staining problem.  Instead of staining in 0.02% methylene
blue for 30-60 min and then destaining for what seems to
be forever I've found that 0.002% (1/10th X) works just as
well and the background is much lighter.  I have also found
much to my surprise that NuSieve:Agarose (3:1, 4% final) gels
stain very nicely and that dsDNA as small as 75 bp is easily
visualized.  I'm currently using MB staining for all of
my cloning work as I discovered that I get 20-50X as many
positive clones from band isolated DNA when comparing MB
to ethidium bromide/UV transillumination.
     Hope that this was of some help
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