buying a fluorescence spec

skrishna at skrishna at
Mon Nov 15 19:27:11 EST 1993

\Dear Netters:
Our lab is looking at purchasing a new fluourescence spec.  Lucky me,
I'm in charge.  We are looking at machines made by Shimadzu, Perkin
Elmer, SimAminco, Hitachi.  
	We'd like to keep the price of the thing around $15K, tops.
Maybe I can push that a little.  But we need to be avble to monitor
changes in fluoresceccs (sorry, I have no DELETE key . . . ) as a 
function of time.  The Shiumadzu machine, sadly, will not do this
without additional software ROM cards.  In addition, we have been
very disappointed with Shimadzu documentation.
	Would anyone like to share their experiences with these
machines or make recommendations?  Basically, we're measuring
interior pH of cells and vesiclesa and need no more than 5-10
seconds resolution in time and 5-10 nm resolution in wavelength.
It would be REALLY nicwe if we could easily output data to a 
computer to run nthrough Sigma Plot (for example.)  Also nice
if we could actually control the thing from the computer.  
	Please respond via email -- your assistance would be 
really helpful to me.  
			Thanx in advance,
			Sanjay Krishnaswamy
			skrishna at

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