Transfection via liposomes

T. J. Murphy medtjm at
Mon Nov 15 16:18:22 EST 1993

In article 031193104429 at, drg at (Duke Groebe) writes:
> I'm trying to transfect HEK 293 cells using liposomes and I'm finding that
> the transfected cells do not hold up well to my assay afterwards.  So, I'm
> wondering if I could glue them to the plates using collagen or gelatin
> prior to the transfection.  Will this work?  Has anybody tried this?  Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Duke

Try coating your dishes with poly-D-lysine (100ug/ml reusable solution in sterile water).  
Just add the solution, swish on the dish, and aspirate and let air dry briefly.
You can get the stuff gamma-irradiated from Sigma.

I don't think your problem is your transfection technique, rather the cells are very
difficult to keep on a dish, particularly at temperatures < 37C.

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