LB or not LB?

Tue Nov 16 11:16:40 EST 1993

Dear colleagues,
There seems to be 2 recipies for "LB" in the literature.
My recollection is that it stood for Luria-Bertani Broth and 
contained 5g NaCl per litre.
Modern recipies have 10g NaCl per litre. Although in some
applications, I'm sure it has little effect, I have found
that for high expression levels of some proteins the high
NaCl medium leads to insolubility problems. It has been
such a problem to me that our lab now affectionately calls
my formulation OGB ("Old Git Broth") as it seems that only
us "elder" molbiologists remember it!!
Does anyone have a clue if I'm right and where the higher
NaCl recipie first came to being??
Thanks and Beware,

Jim Brannigan
Chemistry Dept
University of York
York YO1 5DD UK

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