differential display

Helge Weissig helgew at LJCRF.EDU
Wed Nov 17 00:53:16 EST 1993

>A rather painstaking analysis of the conditions used in the differential
>display technique was recently published in Nucleic Acids Research by Bauer et
>al. (vol 21, pp 4272-4280, 1993).  These authors have analyzed virtually every
>parameter of the technique and have apparently improved it considerably.  The
>results look impressive.  We're fixin' to get into this game fairly soon, but
>as yet have no practical experience so take this advice for what it is worth.
>Geoff Kitchingman
>St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
>Memphis, TN (aka, land of Elvis and bar-b-q)

Has anyone tried this modification yet?

There is one unclear point in that paper: Is the dT11VN primer from the RT
rxn to be removed and added freshly to the PCR rxn or is it carried over?

any comments appreciated



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