T. J. Murphy medtjm at
Tue Nov 16 21:49:40 EST 1993

Anybody having any protocols for oligo-mediated, site-directed
mutagenesis in the pCDM8 vector?  Uracil containing ssDNA can be 
prep'd from the vector via M13 ori and R408 helper phage in CJ236/p3. 
Problems are in uracil repair, seems not to work in MC1061/p3.  Am trying
XS127/p3 now, but looks like we'll have to muck around with plaques here
rather than colonies (yes, I know they're there, but not a lot of fun...)

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanx in advance.

TJ Murphy, PhD
Emory University Dept of Pharmacology
medtjm at

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