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Wed Nov 17 14:01:33 EST 1993

Why don't governments pass laws prohibiting such activities ?!?!?!?!? Sure
... whatever the market will bear! But this is taxpayers $$, used for
betterment of all.

For example, we regularly purchase a few boxes of 500x 15 mL Corning screw cap
tubes from Canlab for $120 (Cdn), recently we purchased a box by rush
purchase order (instead of standard purchasing department tendering, etc,
which takes months), and the price was $230 per box. Well, we had to talk
to several folks at Canlab before convincing them to HONOR their original
price. Sure, price can go up a FEW %, but not 100% in span of a few WEEKS!
And we didn't have systems contract, standing order, etc ... simply had
THAT lower price for that product ... which one of their customer service
managers stated was a "one time price" for us .... BULL F'ing SH__!

I've talked with ALL the different companies involved in the tendering
process, and am "assured" that the bids are closed ... yet how does this
explain FREQUENT gouging ... I can under stand their reasons for
providing discounts off their catalogue prices whenever bulk purchases are
involved (often 30%  discounts) ... but I more often than not find it
difficult believing them when in situations like the one I mentioned above.

I've experienced (and heard similar stories) such actions TOO many times
to bother sharing here. I can understand pricing of products that a company
spends $$ R&Ding, but NOT such nonsense for standard items (that one can
often buy ... and we do anyway ... at KMart, etc) ... on other hand,
"specialty" items (enzymes, patented products, etc) ought to be priced
according to reasonable profit margins ...  but, items that are bread and
butter to MANY/MOST of their customers ... come on ... talk about pork

:^) :^)  I haven't yet learned how to make my own micro centrifuge tubes
... and micropipet tips, etc! ('tis why some labs wash/reuse such items,
especially TEACHING labs!).

Regarding "overpriced" reagents, etc ... I can quickly estimate such items
easilly accounting for 1/3 to 1/2 of our grant expenditures. Thus, if such
items were priced more reasonably, we could readilly expect to see our
grant monies going at least 20% further ... thus allowing ofor hiring of
another technician PLUS incidental supplies that that extra staff could

"I'm not politically incorrect ... just euphemistically challenged"! 
(source unknown ... looking into it though :^)

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In article <2cbnjj$km8 at> pfoster at (Patricia Foster) writes:
>	I don't see why Roche should be singled out for contributions
>to the high cost of doing research.  I just spent $200 for a roll of
>"BenchKote" from Fischer.  All the supply companies are basically
>living on tax-payers' dollars, yet the government seems to think
>that its *our* fault that the cost of research is increasing faster
>than inflation.
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