ssDNA purification

Helge Weissig helgew at LJCRF.EDU
Wed Nov 17 14:42:26 EST 1993

>Does anyone have a good method to purify the first strand cDNA (ssDNA) from
>primers with high purity and recovery?  Has anybody tried the glassmilk,
>Qiaex, Qiaquick-spin PCR column, Pharmacia's Sephacryl S-300 cDNA spun column,
>or any other methods?
>Thank you very much.
>R. Jia
>Columbia Univ.
>fax 212-568-8473
>tel 212-305-2704

I have been trying glassmilk for ssDNA, so far w/o succes. The manufacturer
(Qiagen) claims that it should work though. Unfortunately I didn't have the
time to follow up on where the DNA ends up.
What worked really well for the purification was the M13 kit from Qiagen,
and I guess one could also use this for the separation of longer ssDNA
molecules from primers. After all it is the same principle (Silica based

my 2 Pfg. worth   :)


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