Cleaning sequencing gel plates

David Johnston daj at
Wed Nov 17 03:19:28 EST 1993

On 16 Nov 93 17:44:16 GMT,
  Alan Gerstein writes:

>Do you use 0.5 - 1.5 M sodium hydroxide to clean your glass plates?
After use, we soak in decon neutracon or decon 90 (although the latter is 
recomended for R/A decontamination, it precipitates calcium something 
rotten from our water, requiring a good scrubbing to remove, and so we are 
currently favouring the former which doesn't), rinse in tap water, put 
through our washing machine on its plastic cycle (Neodisher detergent), 
rinse in distilled water and air dry. Prior to plate assembly we wipe with 
propanol, repel-silanise (every time!), rinse in distilled water, air dry 
and use a compressed air line to blow dust away.

Laborious but it works.

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