LB vs. TB?

Chia Jin Ngee mcblab47 at
Tue Nov 16 22:01:45 EST 1993

Hi to all!

In my institute, we have an in-house media prep room which stocks only 
LB. So to get TB we have to make it ourselves, something we have not got 
used to (heck! there are people making it for us why bother). So the 
general procedure we use here to get more plasmid is to amplify them by 
addition of chloramphenicol. Helps reduce the general bacterial bulk too.

As for TB, I've tried it and I can say I'm impressed :-) however, the
bacterial bulk in the end is huge! Trying to get good plasmid means you
will have to increase the reagent vols. So, I tried amplifying plasmids
grown in TB and the effect is great. The bugs loved the media that they
grew much more rapidly compared with LB. So by adding chloramphenicol even
at >0.6 A600/ml gives fantastic plasmid yield. 

Lessons learnt? Always amplify plasmids for big cultures. Troublesome but 
good results.

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