LB or not LB, that is the question

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Wed Nov 17 01:25:38 EST 1993

Various posts so far:

>: There seems to be 2 recipies for "LB" in the literature.
>: My recollection is that it stood for Luria-Bertani Broth and 
>: contained 5g NaCl per litre.
>: Modern recipies have 10g NaCl per litre. 
>Advanced Bacterial Genetics (1980) Davis, Botstein, Roth 5g/l
>Sambrook et al (1989) 10g/l
>To further confuse the issue, I found an "L broth (complex medium for
>rapid growth of _E. coli_ and other _Enterobacteriaceae_) in Manual of
>Methods for General Bacteriology (1981), p238.
>NaCl ... 0.5 g (yes 1/2 gram)

Hmmm...the earliest Maniatis(1982) also has 10g/L.
When I started out in molecular biology, a lot of people referred
to LB as L-Broth (logical) but I was given to understand, as stated
above, that Luria-Bertani medium is correct. Anyway BIO101 makes both,
with LB at 10g/L NaCl, and L-broth at 0.5g/L. Maybe somewhere the 
decimal point got left out? giving VLB (virtual LB) at 5g/L.
BTW, who is Bertani?

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