Cleaning sequencing gel plates

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Wed Nov 17 19:57:10 EST 1993

In article <931116174415_76467.702_BHA63-1 at CompuServe.COM>, 76467.702 at CompuServe.COM (Alan Gerstein) writes:
> Do you use 0.5 - 1.5 M sodium hydroxide to clean your glass plates?
> Thanks,
> Alan at Pharmacia

Sounds like serious washing to me! After a run I simply give 'em a rinse in 
water to get off any debris, clamp them back together and squirt some ethanol 
between them; they dry overnight.  About every 7-10 runs I siliconize the 
plates.  Works fine, and saves dishpan hands.  Besides, I don't like leaving 
detergent residues on glassware ;-}



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