Acid Guanidinium and StrataClean Resin

dkim at dkim at
Wed Nov 17 16:25:40 EST 1993

I was thinking of ways to avoid the phenol extraction step in the Acid
Guanidinium RNA purification procedure.  Yes, I know it's a lot easier
than older CsCl-based methods, but I like to play with these things.

Stratagene sells a resin that has a phenol-like moiety which binds
protein, useful for protein purification and removing protein from
nucleic acid - protein mixes.  I wonder how phenol-like it is.  That
is, could I lyse cells in guanidine thiocyanate mix and run it through
a StrataClean column and get a clean aqueous RNA solution out the end?

I am the world's second-worst biochemist, so I don't know.  I may try it
out, but are there any comments here?

Daniel Kim

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