LB or not LB...B, that is the question

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> : There seems to be 2 recipies for "LB" in the literature.
> : My recollection is that it stood for Luria-Bertani Broth and 
> : contained 5g NaCl per litre.
> : Modern recipies have 10g NaCl per litre. 
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> <  I'm quite sure you have it backwards.  The original LB broth
> <as handed down by Jeff Miller (1972, Experiments in Molecular
> <Genetics) has 10g NaCl per liter.  Modern recipies have 5.
> <Patricia L. Foster
> <pfoster at
> Maybe we're getting somewhere
> Advanced Bacterial Genetics (1980) Davis, Botstein, Roth 5g/l
> Sambrook et al (1989) 10g/l
> Any further quoted recipies?

OK,OK,  I'll add my $0.02 for being an 'elder'.

There is:

Luria-Bertani Broth  L-B Broth  (or is it just LB and somebody screwed up)
10 g J. Miller (no relation ;-) )

Luria Broth 0.5 g/L

and...  Lennox Broth J.Virol. 1:190-206 (1955)!!!  Is this also L Broth??
 LB or not to LB...B, that is the question.

Seriously, in my graduate days I was told that E. coli 'like' more salt and
therefore a 20x amount (from 0.5g/L, Luria broth) to 10g/L (Luria-Bertani
broth) was in order.  From my scribbled notes in my Miller book(1972), I have
"10x NaCl, L broth...Lennox (1955)"  By the way, Luria and Lennox, but not L-B
calls for pH'ing with NaOH.
> Jim Brannigan

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