ssDNA purification

Eric R. Hugo eric at bcserv.WUSTL.EDU
Thu Nov 18 09:57:38 EST 1993

I use a method involving powdered glass for purifying phagemid
ssDNA that might work for PCR ssDNA.  Basically:

1.  Bind ssDNA to 5 ul of glassmilk in 4M NaClO4 (1 ml final)
2.  Pellet glassmilk resuspend in 4M NaClO4 (1 ml)
3.  Wash 2-3 X in 50% ethanol:10 mM tris: 1 mM EDTA ph 7.5.
4.  Dry pellet.
5.  Resuspend in 10 ul of TE heat to 50 C 5-10 min, pellet
 ssDNA should be in the sup.
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