Restriction Digests + Microwave??

Will Fischer wfischer at
Fri Nov 19 13:45:07 EST 1993

Peter Kaub (p-kaub at wrote:
: on using microwave radiation for enhancing restriction endonuclease reactions.
: ...
: this is new to me and I would be interested if anybody had any 
: information on this technique.  Does it increase efficiency of cutting?
: Does it decrease time needed for complete cutting?

See A.K. Jhingan (1992) Microwave Restriction Enzyme Digestion of DNA.
	Methods in Molecular and Cellular Biology 3:270-274.

	Abstract:  A simple technique has been developed for digesting
	genomic as well as plasmid DNA utilizing a microwave oven.  The
	digestions are complete in minutes and are highly reproducible.
Haven't tried it yet.  Has anyone else?

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