Release of GenBank sequences

James S. Sutcliffe jamess at
Fri Nov 19 08:49:49 EST 1993

I believe this is a problem many people have encountered. It really is
quite frustrating when you try to access a sequence in GenEMBL using an
accession number from a published paper, and you get nothing because the
submission hasn't been released. Having a mechanism such as you suggest to
automatically release GenEMBL submissions once the MS is published is a
good idea. The problem in most cases is probably that authors give release
dates which end up being well after publication. It's also possible that
the GenEMBL databases aren't always timely with releasing things when
they're supposed to. If they rely on authors to notify them upon
publication, that won't work, because, all things considered, notifying
Genbank of MS acceptance or publication is not the highest priority for
most people. It's not that they want to hold the sequnce back, they're
just too lazy to notify Genbank, or just don't think about it. 

Jim Sutcliffe
Institute for Molecular Genetics
Baylor College of Medicine

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