Cell Viability Assay

Eric H. Mercer mercer at seqvax.caltech.edu
Thu Nov 18 23:30:34 EST 1993

    Dr. Hutchins,

  The kit you want is from Molecular Probes, Eugene OR, (503) 465-8300.
A labmate of mine has used it and it seems to work well.  You can get the
components off Molecular Probes' shelf, but their kits are often priced
close to the same components purchased individually (sometimes less!).  It
is no harder or easier than trypan blue, but you can: sort the cells by
fluorescence, get a positive indication of live cells, use it in conjuction
with other fluorescent labels like antibodies against surface antigens, and
probably other uses.  If you don't have the equiptment to visualize
flourecent labels, you can't use it.

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