Cloning: what is it?

Helge Weissig helgew at LJCRF.EDU
Fri Nov 19 22:17:43 EST 1993

>This is by no means intended to be a total FLAME... but come on Ben, if
>you are a second year bio student couldn't you have sauntered down to the
>libs and taken out at least one of the hundreds of texts (or thousands of
>literature articles) dealing not only with the theories of cloning but
>also its *practical applications*  -- or just read the science section of
>TIME magazine.  Even better... if your still an undergrad take a course!
>Once again this is not a FLAME but a polite suggestion that maybe such
>broad questions cannot adequately be answered in this type of forum.  A
>good starting text is Darnel, Lodish and Baltimore's text "Molecular
>Biology of the Cell"
>Happy learning, your lucky the field's only been around for a couple of
>decades... you could have asked what is metabolism and why is it
>important.   :-)    :-)
>J. Gary  
>UCLA 3rd year grad
>Mol. Biol. Instit.

hmmm, this is very difficult, and because I have been thinking about this
problem since I joined this group not long ago, I would like to pick up the
thread anyway. Still, let's DISCUSS it, and not BURN it, ok?

My first reaction to Ben's question was kind of the same as Jonathan's:
"Wrong place for that one!" But then one of my teachers came back in mind
and told me as he used to tell us in about every discussion: "Only the
questions you don't ask are stupid questions!" And I was glad to see, that
Brian Foley did take the time to explain even cloning and it's
applications. Which must have taken him as long, as it did take for you,
Jonathan, to type in your answer! So why bother, Jonathan?

On the other hand, adressing the general issue: Is this forum thought to be
the substitute for literature research or peer discussions (in vivo)?
Sometimes it seems just easier to type in a specific question and wait for
a response (if any) than to adress this very same question in the library.
Maybe this is something we all need to keep in mind.

then again, I don't know, that's why I said it is difficult....
What are your $2 worth?



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