Cloning: what is it?

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Sat Nov 20 11:55:56 EST 1993

Re: Naive question on "what is cloning?" and "how to do it?"

In article <9311200315.AA28979 at>, helgew at LJCRF.EDU (Helge Weissig) writes:
>>This is by no means intended to be a total FLAME... but come on Ben, if
>>you are a second year bio student couldn't you have sauntered down to the
>>libs and taken out at least one of the hundreds of texts (or thousands of
>>literature articles) dealing not only with the theories of cloning but

	....stuff deleted....

To which Ms. Helge Weissig responds:

	....stuff deleted....

> And I was glad to see, that
>Brian Foley did take the time to explain even cloning and it's
>applications. Which must have taken him as long, as it did take for you,
>Jonathan, to type in your answer! So why bother, Jonathan?

	Although this is a forum for inquiring minds, Jonathan was right on 
target with his post.  It's fine indeed that Brian answered Ben's question, 
but what you seem to be missing is that **this has been** a good forum for 
people because of the availability of those with experience, skills, etc., 
who can be accessed on the net.  If the net becomes bogged down with naive 
questions in excess of what is already clogging up the net (i.e., "excess 
baggage of responses to the "social....Germany" post on bionet.general took 
up about a third of all posts for nearly two weeks; ditto on the "make 
money fast" posts).  On top of that, it seems there has been much more 
activity recently on the bionet.*** series than in the past - come back 
after not reading the posts for a day, and there's 30-60 post's to wade 
through.  If it is not pointed out to those who ask such questions in lieu 
of their inability to look for something in the library with such extensive 
coverage, then the bionet.*** will be filled with more Bens than Brians.
Time is precious, and if the net is clogged with this type of discourse, I 
wonder if most of the people "I" would prefer to be tuned in, will be 
tuning out?  Think about it. 
	-Peter Muriana  

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