M13K07/Phagemid help

Uttam Rajbhandary bhandary at wccf.mit.edu
Mon Nov 22 20:13:00 EST 1993

In article <belas.180.000C49E3 at mbimail.umd.edu>, belas at mbimail.umd.edu (Bob Belas) writes...
>I have a couple of questions regarding preparation of ssDNA from pBLUESCRIPT 
>II using the M13K07 helper phage.  First, can I propagate the helper phage 
>using the same protocols I use for regular M13 (adding kan for selection).  
>Second, would someone point me to a good technique for using phagemids?  I 
>currently have Sambrook et al and Ausabel et al in front of me.  Are there any 
>other sources for methodology that I should look at?  Thanks.

I've propagated the helpers in BB4, as well as JM103 (which I use for regular 
M13's).  The titers are lower (by maybe 100x?) than one gets from M13.

I've used protocols supplied by a Promega Handbook (not their catalog; they 
have a separate protocol book that is really quite nice).  I'm sure they would 
send you a copy if you request it.

Harold Drabkin

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