Cloning: what is it?

Edward egh at
Mon Nov 22 14:47:12 EST 1993

In article <CGsv19.3u at>, muriana at
(Peter M. Muriana) wrote:
> 	Although this is a forum for inquiring minds, Jonathan was right on 
> target with his post.  It's fine indeed that Brian answered Ben's question, 
> but what you seem to be missing is that **this has been** a good forum for 
> people because of the availability of those with experience, skills, etc., 
> who can be accessed on the net.  If the net becomes bogged down with naive 
> questions in excess of what is already clogging up the net (i.e., "excess 
> baggage of responses....
> ..... und so wieder...

-Peter Muriana  

It appears to me that threads quickly degenerate into on-going (God help us
all) quasi-philosophical discussions that have nothing to do with either
the original post nor the newsgroup hosting it - the Aquatic Ape series for
one and this discussion for another.  If some benevolent overseer were to
kill all posts to this and other bionet.XXX groups that were not
appropriate (i.e. doesn't address the intuitive purpose of the group), I
think that there would be plenty of appreciation, tolerance, and hope for
the Ben's of cyberspace.  You would also not be able to read this post.


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