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Mon Nov 22 10:16:29 EST 1993

Dear Fellow Netters,

Sorry to mention what appears an old topic, but i'm new to this biosci news group.

We currently use the Bio-Rad 'Sequi-Gen' system, and up to recently have had no problems with the plates (they must have at least been used ~250 times over 4 years). 

Several sets of plates however have become problematic recently, ranging from difficultty in pouring (resulting with more holes than a certain Swiss Cheese!) to one set of plates having a strong quenching property to the extent where the resulting gel has very few counts, and is smeared.

Has anybody else suffered problems with these plates?  Also what do people use to clean the plates both routinely and for that "extra edge" in cleaning, we use a Decon 90 wash, rinse with  H20 followed by 100% etoh.  Our plates are constructed with plastic.

Any fresh ideas would be most welcome :=)


Jenkins at

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