Service contract necessary for PE cycler?

Mon Nov 22 09:43:31 EST 1993

> We have a three year old Perkin Elmer Cetus 480 thermal cycler that
> has always been on a service contract but always performed flawlessly.
> The annual contract ($920 US) is up for renewal.  Is it worth the
> money to re-up or worth it to take the risk?  Any thoughts appreciated.
> Irv
> Irv Kornfield
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> Orono, ME 04469-5751   fax: 207-581-2537
The PE cyclers, while pricy, are extremely reliable.  While I know they
occasionally fail, I have never actually seen a broken one.  If you
have had a service contract for three years at $920, that is almost 50%
of the cost of a new one!.  That sounds like a very expensive insurance
policy to me.

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