Cleaning a contaminated primer stock

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Sun Nov 21 20:36:14 EST 1993

In article <1993Nov19.183842.7626 at>, mjl17 at (Michael Lush) writes:
> 	By dint of hard work and inexperience our primer stock 
> solutions have become contaminated probably with a 6kb DNA fragment,
> rarther than giveing them a 1 minute silance and a Viking funeral
> can anyone suggest a good way to cleanse them of the Foul Interloper
> DNA?
> -- 
> Michael

I seem to remember that UV pre-treatment of PCR reactions (to inactivate
contaminating DNA) can be done after primers have been added to the reaction
without adverse effects, presumably because of the low hit-rate and saturating
amounts of oligos present.  So maybe UV-irradiating the stock will be
sufficient to solve the problem.  Alternatively, purify your primers on an
acrylamide gel, excise the bands and elute.



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