Why LB or TB?

Darren Martin Martin at gene.unp.ac.za
Mon Nov 22 05:19:27 EST 1993


After seeing the discussion on whether to use LB or TB for maximising 
plasmid yields I realised that I had absolutely no idea about why these 
media were developed in the first place.  Besides the the fact that they 
permit the isolation of large amounts of plasmid DNA are there any good 
reasons why other nutrient media are not used in work involving DNA 
manipulations?  I've asked around in our department and the only response I'
ve recieved is " everybody else uses them so they must be the best to use." 
I don't doubt that there is a good reason for their use but could anybody 
tell me what the exact benefits are of using LB over other general purpose 
nutrient media (usually containg meat extracts and peptone istead of 

Thank you in advance to anybody who is willing to answer this silly question


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