Cloning: what is it?

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Tue Nov 23 10:14:33 EST 1993

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*> > 	Although this is a forum for inquiring minds, Jonathan was right on 
*> > target with his post.  It's fine indeed that Brian answered Ben's
*> > but what you seem to be missing is that **this has been** a good forum

> -Peter Muriana  
> > 
> It appears to me that threads quickly degenerate into on-going (God help us
> all) quasi-philosophical discussions that have nothing to do with either
> the original post nor the newsgroup hosting it - the Aquatic Ape series for
> one and this discussion for another.  If some benevolent overseer were to
> kill all posts to this and other bionet.XXX groups that were not
> appropriate (i.e. doesn't address the intuitive purpose of the group), I
> think that there would be plenty of appreciation, tolerance, and hope for
> the Ben's of cyberspace.  You would also not be able to read this post.
> Duke


I heartly agree that a little leg-work is in order on the part of the
questioner prior to asking!

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