HELP! PSG5: what is it?

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Fri Nov 5 14:44:33 EST 1993

In article <2b4jma$p44 at> jhelms at SPECIALK.IAIMS.BCM.TMC.EDU (Jill Helms) writes:
>From: jhelms at SPECIALK.IAIMS.BCM.TMC.EDU (Jill Helms)
>Subject: HELP! PSG5: what is it?
>Date: 2 Nov 93 03:20:42 GMT
>Does ANYONE out there know anything about a vector named
>pSG5? We have a clone in this vector and I can not find
>a map of it anywhere. ANY information would be very
>gratefully received. Please email me directly at:
>jhelms at
Hi Jill,

pSG5 is an eukaryotic expression vector.  It contains the SV40 early promoter
part of the exon1,the intron1 and the exon 2 of the rabbit beta globin gene,
a short polylinker and a polyadenilation site.
It is available from Stratagene.  You can download the sequence from the
stratagene BBS by modem.Call 619 455 5877 by modem.
If you just want to see a brief map look at the Stratagene catalogue.

Good luck!


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