Staining western blots

Tue Nov 23 21:44:37 EST 1993

We also routinely use the Ponceau S method for staining nitrocellulose
protein blots before immunodetection.  The great advantage is that it
is readily reversible.  Millipore recently published the following
summary of methods for total protein detection in their "Bioforum":

     Method                   Membranes                 Sensitivity
Reversible methods:
     Ponceau S                PVDF/NC                     2ug
     Transillumination        PVDF                      200ng

Permanent methods:
     Coomassie Blue           PVDF                      200ng
     Amido Black              PVDF/NC                   100ng
     Indian Ink               PVDF/NC                    80ng
     Colloidal Gold           PVDF/NC                   3.5ng

Any of them appear to be more sensitive than Ponceau S, but how then
do you do the immunoblotting?

Any suggestions?

Dean Lee
Dept of Microbiology
dLee at

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