Sequencing plates

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Tue Nov 23 07:15:05 EST 1993

Hi all

Having followed the thread about sequencing gel plates, allow me to chip in 
my cent's worth. I clean our plates (also obtained from a glass company and
suitabley bevelled at the edges) with a product by the name of Brasso. This is
basically a fine abrasive used in the home to polish brass and silverware. The
powder known as Jewellers rouge also works well when mixed with ethanol. 
Basically, smear over the plates and allow to dry, then polish it off with
several washes of ethanol afterwards. This also seems to remove a lot of the 
silane / sigmacote etc, so a new layer can be applied. This is very usefull
when you fellow lab-rats don't bother to inform you which side of the plate was
last treated...

Try it and see. It has not had any bad side effects (so far...)

Nigel Barker

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