oil and pcr

Andre Hamel hamel at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Mon Nov 8 13:04:41 EST 1993

Also, MJR sells very nice 96 well plate machines (I've still to get one of
those "hot bonnets". Maybe for Xmas?  :-)

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In article <8114 at krafla.rhi.hi.is> hbriem at rhi.hi.is (Helgi Briem Magnusson) writes:
>In <931105131650.43345 at UABCVSR.cvsr.uab.edu> txpljfg at UABCVSR.CVSR.UAB.EDU writes:
>>The fact that you want to do PCR in a microtiter format will limit your
>>chaices of machines.  Besides the Cetus 9600, the only other machine
>>that I have actually seen that can use a 96 well format is the Hybaid
>>thernmal cycler.  This machine is *much* cheaper than the Cetus
>>instrument (when you see the quality of the construction, you will see
>>why - my machine was D.O.A.), but does require the use of oil.  
>The Techne PHC-3 also has an optional heater block available for
>use with 96-well plates, but it also requires oil.  Ours has given
>good service with no problems except the rather minor one that it
>no longer cools very well (only down to 15C or so.  I am pretty
>sure that it is much cheaper then the Cetus, but I don't have the
>prices available.
>Helgi Briem
>Inst. Exp. Path.
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