halobacterium needed

dkatz at earth.doane.edu dkatz at earth.doane.edu
Sun Nov 28 17:23:35 EST 1993

Fellow microbiologists: This is a repeat posting:  I am really in need of a
Halobacterium salinarium strain in the next week or so.  I am not lax, I did
order this organism, as well as a number of other organisms and media from a
supplier on August 18.  Despite repeated calls and requests, this company has
not supplied the requested (money considered spent) organisms.  Does anyone out
there have any in the lab or in the teaching lab and can send me a 'starter'?
I am new here, haven't quite figured out the ropes.  This is the first time I
have had to deal with people who promise continually and never deliver.  Also
the last time.  Name of non-supplier will be given upon request, however, not
my wish to spread nasty comments over the net, only to get what I require.
	Please check, particularly if you are in the USA and can get me a tube. 
Thank you.
Sue Katz,   Biology, Doane College, Crete NE
email: DKatz at Doane.edu

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