Skew sequences

Helge Weissig helgew at LJCRF.EDU
Mon Nov 29 18:23:37 EST 1993

MCKENZIEA at (Ashleigh Mckenzie) wrote:

>To those who know anything about sequencing:
>Can anyone suggest ways to stop sequenced DNA lanes running skew
>in the gel? We use a poker face II apparatus and prerun for 2 hrs
>at 50 - 60 W, followed by sample run at 60W. The temperature
>gradient across the gel is not even, being much hotter on the
>edges and near the bottom of the plates. Changing the wattage at
>which the gel runs has not helped much.
>Thanks in advance
>Ashleigh Mckenzie
>mckenziea at

we usually attach a aluminum plate to the glass plates to make the
temperature over the plates more even.

and, as mentioned earlier, prerunning for 15 - 25 min. is sufficient.

good luck,



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