Desparately seeking hprt exon 6

Dr. C.R.H. Kent ckent at
Mon Nov 29 12:26:36 EST 1993

I have been trying to do a multiplex pcr on hprt using the method of 
Fuscoe (Mutat.Res 283 : 255-262, 1992) and Gibbs (Genomics 7 : 235-244, 1990)
and have managed to amplify all exons except exon 6.   It amplifies quite
happily as a single-plex pcr, but in a multiplex reaction, it is just not

I have tried heating the reaction mixture to 65 deg and adding taq at 
80 deg, and this has made many of the bands clearer, but exon 6 still
remains elusive.

Anyone know any tricks to entice it out of hiding ?
Charles Kent
Institute of cancer[D[D[D[D[D[DC[C[C[C[C[C Research
Sutton, London.
E-mail : Charles at

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