33P and screens

Mike Morris mike at medsun.unige.ch
Mon Nov 29 12:03:22 EST 1993

In article <2d4fsn$hop at nuscc.nus.sg>, mcblab47 at leonis.nus.sg (Chia Jin Ngee) writes:
> Hi to all!
> I've been wondering, will 33P autorad images be sharper if exposed with
> intensifying screens at -80 deg C. Anyone tried this before? 

  They will definitely not be _sharper_: as can be seen with 32P, screens
make images less sharp/more fuzzy. 
  The manufacturers say that screens/-80 are no use; although we have not
yet done a serious comparison, I have the feeling that our 33P is a bit
stronger with a screen (approx x 1.5 ???).
  Anybody done this properly?

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