Source of lac repressor??

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Tue Nov 30 16:35:00 EST 1993

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>Dear netters
>does anyone know of a source of lac repressor?
>Horst Ibelgaufts
>Institute of Biochemistry, c/o MPI of Biochemistry
>Munich Martinsried, FRG

For what it's worth, STRATAGEN now sells a two vector system having the lac
repressor on one vector, and a lac-operator/multicloning site system on the 
other.  The repressor in question has been modified to have a nuclear 
targeting system for mammalian cells, yet still retains excellant affinity for 
the lac operator.  If you get the repressor vector, you could use it as a 
starting point (subclone into an E.coli expression system on a puc based 
vector) for large scale production.  The lacIq is present on many of the 
f-factors in M13 strains, but I don't think you could get enough that way.

H. Drabkin

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