Coupled vs uncoupled in vitro transcription/translation

Edwin ten Dam etd at
Fri Nov 26 07:14:23 EST 1993

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jwoodget at (Jim Woodgett) wrote:
> Has anyone had good/bad experiences with Promega's TnT coupled 
> transcription/translation system?  We've always made RNA first then 
> translated in retic. lysates but this does take more time than the coupled 
> methods.  Any comparisons between the two apart from cost?
I've used Promega's SP6 TnT and it works great for me. Gels look a bit more
messy, but then again i was using miniprep DNA. Saves a lot of time. It is
very expensive though, and for some reason Promega doesn't give you enough
buffer and SP6 pol to use all of the supplied retic.

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