Recovery of DNA from acrylamide gels

Dave.Segal ds1539 at
Fri Nov 26 22:31:37 EST 1993

Duncan Clark (Duncan at wrote:
: Hi Netters,

: Yet more questions!

: Does anyone have an efficient method of recovering DNA fragments from 
: acryalmide gels, size of the order of 4.5kb?

: As an aside. Agarase digests agarose. Does anyone know of an enzyme that will
: digest acrylamide?

: Thanks

: -- 
Dear Duncan,
Bio 101, the makers of GENECLEAN, sell a kit called MERMAID which is
marketed to extract oligo-MERs out of acrylamide gels.  I don't know
how well it works on big fragments, but you might call them and see
what they recommend.  Actually, I'm surprised they you are purifying a 
4.5 kb frag from acrylamide; isn't that kind of large?  Couldn't you use

- Good Luck!
- Dave Segal
- Biochemistry, U. of Utah
- Dave.Segal at

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