Cheap Xgal

Patrick Phillips patrick at
Fri Oct 1 12:11:49 EST 1993

In article <01H3LFF46702001B6M at>, HRMBDKC at HKUCC.HKU.HK wrote:
 > Please can anyone tell me which is the cheapest source of Xgal?
 > Thanks in advance.
 > Kathy Cheah

I don't know how much this stuff usually costs, but I just got an order  
form through the Genetics Society of America for a reduced rate bulk  
purchase of x-gal for $19/gram (US).  You have to be a member of GSA to  
qualify ($70), and you have to order in 10g lots.  Call the GSA  
adminstrative office for details (301) 571-1825 (they're in Bethesda,  
Maryland USA for those of you in Hong Kong :-).

Patrick Phillips
University of Texas at Arlington
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