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Wed Oct 6 06:10:56 EST 1993

On Tue, 5 Oct 1993 16:05:47 GMT,
  Thomas Petzoldt Hydrobiologie writes:

>Dear Netters,
>  does anybody know a program called SIGMA-PLOT ?
>  Where can I get it from and how much does it cost?
>  Is there a WINDOWS-Version available or is it a DOS-program ?

Its available from Sigma Chemical Co. but actually written by Jandel 
Scientific. It is available in Dos and Mac versions. Cost in UK is #346.
50 for either version (S3151 for Dos, S3027 for Mac), a demo disk 
is available  for #4.00 (S2400) and full information is free (S9648).

I used a version about 5 years ago. It wasn't particularly user freindly 
but did produce excellent and extreemly flexible output (especially with a 


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