beta galactosidase in cultured cells

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Wed Oct 6 05:46:07 EST 1993

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(Martin Kennedy) wrote:

> >> I am interested in staining the cells alive by adding Xgal to the culture
> >> media without fixing the cells.  Is it possible? Any suggestions or comments?
> > I have an old protocol that works well, instead of posting phone PROMEGA at
> > 1-800-356-9526 and they can fax you their protocol in their b-gal assay
> > booklet.
> > Martin Leach
 I've done X-gal staining on fixed mamalian cells expressing lacZ, but can
> really do it on live cells without fixing????
>                 ^^^^^^^^^^
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> Cheers,
> Martin

Sorry People,
Didn't read it properly,
Only used the protocol for fixed cells.

Many apologies

Martin Leach

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