How many PCR machines to pay for 1 Hubble?

Roger F. Anderson rander at
Thu Oct 7 13:19:13 EST 1993

Now that Perkin Elmer (P-E) has been fined $15 million dollars for the
flawed lens they put in the Hubble Space Telescope I wonder:

How many PCR machines does it take to pay for one telescope?

I ask the rep that and she got mad. Touchy aren't we?

If they had just done a $10,000 test according to the news reports they would
have caught the problem.

Why is it there is always time and money to do it over but never enough
to do it right the first time?

And now they have bought ABI!!!! Just imagine how well those sequencers
will run! We had to buy a K-Mart fan to keep ours cool. Maybe they 
should merge (P-E and K-Mart) so that they could have "Blue light specials"
on reagents and stuff! Attention P-E shoppers.....

Good Luck to All

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