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Abraham S. Mantell mantell at
Fri Oct 8 18:52:55 EST 1993


I found a few more books of mine that I wish to sell...

1. Chemical Synthesis in Molecular Biology: Biological Macromolecules
   with Natural and Modified Monomer Units, From a Symposium held in
   Brauschweig, FRG, September 1984.  Ed. by Blocker, Frank, and Fritz.
   1987, softcover.   List Price: $105    I ask: $70

2. Flux Coordinates and Magnetic Field Structure: 
   A Guide to a Fundamental Tool of plasma theory, by D'haeseleer,
   Callen, and Shohet, 1991, Springer-Verlag.
   List Price: $98   I ask: $70

3. Elliptic Curves, by Dale Husemoller, 1987, Springer-Verlag GTM v.111.
   List Price: $49   I ask: $30

4. Series of Irregular Observations: Forecasting and Model Building,
   by Azencott and Dacunha-Castelle, 1986.
   List Price: $46   I ask: $30

Please add a few dollars for postage, insurance, and COD (if used).

All books are in like-new condition...


mantell at

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